Sydney Male Escort Sex Appeal – Why escorts have sex appeal?

What attracts women to men? Is it chiseled good looks, money, roguish charm or even the thrill of danger? All of the above have their own appeals, but the most important asset in romantically successful men is social confidence. While your personality and confidence will draw women towards you, your outward appearance and physical presence are highly important too. Your appearance is a reflection of your personality and taste, as well as your cleanliness and hygiene.


Sex appeal is best demonstrated by a cheeky grin, confident body posture and strong eye contact all of which our escorts have.

Good looks and sex appeal are not one and the same! You may be physically attractive, but if you rarely smile or make eye contact, your looks will not be enough to attract members of the opposite sex. Charisma is more important than good looks; if you have personality and charm, let the world see it! Women admire men who are confident, charming and maintain a positive outlook. Understand that anyone can have sex appeal if they follow a few simple guidelines.

- Be visibly relaxed and exude confidence. You will find this affects more than just your love life; your work, friendships and family will all benefit.

- When you make eye contact with a woman to whom you are attracted: smile and look at her for a moment or two. Hold her gaze if you can for a few seconds.

- Behave naturally and avoid being loud and boyish around women, especially if you are with a group of other men.

- Walk with confidence, try not to slouch or look down while you walk.

- Keep yourself clean; use a spray of aftershave when going out, and deodorant after your showers. You do not want to be advertising bad body odor.

-Dress in clothes that match your personality and style.

Sex appeal does not come from your dress alone; you could be dressed in the most average clothes imaginable and still be sexy to women. Sex appeal is a package; it is a combination of many factors, with physical appearance being the first thing members of the other sex will notice. Sex appeal is most apparent in your face and body, from your eyes, your smile, and the way you move, to your outfit, physique and mannerisms. Women are fascinated and excited by men who recognise their own sex appeal, and they will circle around you like moths to a flame.

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