Straight male escorts for hire: why do men do it?


Why do so many straight men desire to be high-class escorts for women?

Is it just for frequent, no strings attached sex, the money or is there more to it?

Becoming a straight male escort for women is growing business. Today many men desire to be high-class escorts for women.

Men who make it as escorts are highly tuned; just like the most prestigious cars on the market. These straight, top shelf men enjoy social interactions with women, as they love learning how to please them both mentally and physically. Just knowing how women will react to them is an enormous boost to their self-confidence.

This does not mean that all escorts know exactly how to please a woman; getting to that level of mastery takes a great deal of experience. In fact, only select men will ever have what it takes to be a truly successful male escort.

The type of man who is able to charm a woman with nothing but words and eye contact are in short supply, as most men are simply too unsure of themselves around women to behave naturally and comfortably.

Very few men today make it as professional escorts, despite the endless numbers of applicants. A top straight male escort has an edge over most men; he is polished in every sense of the word.

He speaks well, makes good eye contact, knows how to present himself and is a true gentleman, all without compromising or subverting his true personality and character. In other words, successful male escorts are not afraid to be masculine and direct, but they are also polite, stylish and highly charming.

Clients seem to expect more from straight male escorts than they do from females in the same profession. Perhaps to reflect this, male escorts are viewed differently by society when compared to female escorts. Male escorts are portrayed as sexual heroes, envied and admired, particularly by men. One phrase commonly used to describe male escorts is that they are: ‘paid to play’.

Straight male escorts are expected to kiss, caress, cuddle and massage their clients for no extra cost. In fact, many male escorts do not even engage in sexual activities at all. The reason is simple: their female clients don’t always want or expect sex. They crave date companions, counsellors, confidants and friends or even just someone to take to a special function.

Heterosexual male escorts seldom meet with a client for less than two-hours at a time, as sex is not the only requirement. She will want to be charmed and built up, perhaps climaxing in a sexual encounter, or perhaps just snuggling up in bed.

The Internet has revolutionised the sex industry. Once upon a time, escorts advertised in the back pages of local newspapers; they would have no idea who their client was going to be until when they met face to face. Now they can work for an agency catering to professional and independent women.

Some male escorts will work on their own, but that comes at an additional cost: their personal lives. Very few will have the skills necessary to run a professional business while also juggling personal commitments, not to mention the fact that if the client is not able to maintain a proper distance between herself and the escort he could land himself in a serious emotional predicament.

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