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Sydney Male Escorts - What's a fair price to pay?

How much should you pay for a male escort?

Male escorts as a collective group have been consistently well paid, simply due to the exclusivity of the profession, and the limited numbers of successful escorts available. There are plenty of men who want to make money selling their services to women, but only a few of these men are actually matching price to quality. This means that these men and their agencies have been able to set the prices as they pleased, with little investigation or competition and based on what other escorts are charging. But in this growing advancing industry comes new professional competitors with new ideas and new standards.

Just how much is a woman willing to pay for a male escort in this modern, competitive world? Many escorts here in Australia, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, expect hundreds of dollars an hour for their services. Is this realistic? How much is a male escort really worth?

We investigated the average rate male escorts charge, both here in Australia, but also in locations where the industry has had more time to develop like the UK and US. It seems that escorts charge anywhere between $70-$700 per hour. The lower cost escort services usually are purely for companionship, whereas the higher cost ones offer a more ‘complete’ experience, often only offering statuesque models rather than everyday men. These “high-cost” escort experiences are often intimidating for women, as an everyday working class woman has little to no experience interacting with tall bodybuilders.

What would a woman feel comfortable paying for a male escort? The answer obviously differs depending on individual income, but it is safe to say that very few women are willing to pay $700 an hour for a man’s company. Women will pay $100-$300 to have their hair professionally styled, but few would pay that amount for a man to spend a few hours with them. What is a price that would make her not dismiss the idea immediately? We are not talking about women with money to burn; single women on average incomes need options too.

What is a reasonable price to put on the male escort experience? What is a price that a single businesswoman or working woman would be comfortable paying for a high class male escort? And what should she receive for this price?

Ladies, please email me your thoughts on price and what you would like to experience with a Sydney male escort to

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