What makes a straight male escort a good lover?

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What makes a straight male escort a good lover?

This is a big question for most women, as very few men are good lovers. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, dear reader! Barely enough men know how to appreciate a woman and her body, and even fewer give a woman a wonderful sexual experience. Most men are selfish lovers, which means they are more interested in their own sexual gratification and enjoyment rather than the women’s sensual pleasure. Selfish lovers put their own wants before the woman they are with. Giving a woman immense pleasure during sexual encounters, will ensure that she desires him and feels amazing. Such a man will be known as super lovers.

Think about learning to drive a vehicle. You will need lessons, either from your parents or a qualified instructor before you can think about getting onto the road. Driving is viewed by society as being necessary, so we are all expected to learn and master it at a young age. Now think about sex. No sex, no human race. It is possibly the most necessary part of human culture and society; it is the very driving force of our species, so why does society not place emphasis on educating and creating good lovers and sexual partners? Most virginal young men will perhaps have seen a condom being applied to a banana. The fact is that most of their sexual experience comes from their friends, TV, movies, and pornography. In many ways, the lack of sexually skilled and experienced men is not entirely the fault of the men themselves; rather it is a societal problem as the general populace expects them to learn everything perfectly, without any outside guidance or assistance.

Why is a male escort a good lover? because they are experienced, skilled and desirable men. Male escorts realise that to make their partner really enjoy sexual encounters they need to be a good lover. These men know how to sexually please a woman. Good lovers are popular men, but you should also understand that it’s a package: you need to be more than just good in bed most of the time.

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