What kind of men become [Sydney Male Escorts]?

A great variety of men become Sydney male escorts for women. Its important to have courage and confidence to apply. Our Sydney Male Escorts come from a variety of backgrounds, but all exhibit certain qualities: intelligence, sensitivity, articulation, immaculate presentation and a profound love and respect for women.

I want to impress my Sydney male escort and show him a good time. What is the best way to do this?

Take care with your attire and appearance and be welcoming and polite. The straight male escorts are human beings just like you, and will respond to small displays of affection and kindness just the same as anyone else.

Do the Sydney male escorts for women enjoy sex, or are they just doing it for the money?

Our Sydney male escorts for women do not work solely for the money. They are all independently successful in their careers and have chosen to work as high class escorts because it is challenging, interesting and exhilarating. Our straight male escorts do not expect sex with every encounter, as sex alone is not what all women want; they want the flirting and romance without strings attached.

What if he does not like me?

Why would your straight male escort not like you? The most common reasons for a male escort not responding well to you are obvious and easily preventable. Try to reverse the situation, what would you not like about a male escort? Every man likes a woman who is well presented, charming and outwardly friendly.

What do I do if I don’t like my [Sydney male escort] when we meet face to face?

When you meet one of our straight male escorts for the first time, you will be given a 10-minute period with your escort free of charge. This period is for making introductions and ultimately deciding whether or not you want to proceed with your booking. If you do decide that our escort is not right for you, please contact us to discuss the reason why you may want to cancel your date so we can decide how to proceed further. Only if the escort was rude to you or had an issue with you will be able to receive a full refund. The escort you pick will be who turns up and if his behaviour is not as it should be then another date will be arranged with another escort at no extra charge. This should not happen but as a safe guard for you it must be recorded.

Can I date your Sydney male escorts on the side?

Our escorts will not provide clients with their private contact details under any circumstances. Escorts for Ladies is a professional enterprise, not a dating site. This means that all dates are arranged through the business. The escorts do not want ladies contacting them directly.

How discreet is your service?

We are as discreet as you need us to be. Making a date to see any of our Sydney male escorts for women is totally confidential. We respect and protect the privacy of our clients and each straight Sydney male escort has been given a contract to adhere to which expressly stipulates that nothing he sees or hears can be repeated to anyone.

How much prior notice do I need to give before booking an [Sydney male escort]?

It is best to book two to three days in advance if you can, so the male escort you desire is available for you.

Payment types, and will Escorts for Ladies show up on my credit card statement?

Payment can be made using MasterCard, Visa,, PayPal and by Bank Transfer – details will be provided with bookings. And, no, the transaction will not show up as Escorts For Ladies but Online Specialist.

Do the Sydney male escorts travel interstate if needed?

They may do so if required and available.

Who pays for the accommodation if l chose to meet the escort in a hotel?

All accommodation costs are to be covered by the client. Its best you choose and book the venue of your choice.

Are the escorts regularly screened for sexually transmitted diseases?

Yes, each escort is expected to undergo regular sexual health checks. In addition to this, all escorts must wear protection.

Are all bookings sexual?

No, about 50% of our Sydney Male Escort encounters include some kind of sexual service. Not all women want sex, many see escorts for masculine company, physical affection and stimulating conversation. Remember, you are in control, you ultimately decide in which direction the date will go.

I have to cancel my date. How do I proceed?

When a client makes a booking with an escort the booking is confirmed when a payment is taken. If a client choses to cancel due to a change of mind or for some other reason prior to 24 hours of the confirmed booking there will be a cancellation fee of $100.00 and the balance of the payment received will be refunded to the client in the same manner it was paid.
If the cancellation is between 5 hours ahead of the booking there will be a 40% cancellation fee applied, if 1-2 hour prior to the booking 60% cancellation fee will be charged.

If you are thinking of cancelling because you are nervous, please contact the business first to talk things through. I hope your mind will be put at ease.

I just got divorced. Will seeing an escort help me?

Ladies who have just undergone divorces often have low self-confidence, which can make it difficult to brave the dating world. What they need is to be individually appreciated as women, which is something our Sydney male escorts specialise at.

Is sex with an escort an impersonal experience?

Sex with your partner or husband can feel impersonal if he is more interested in his own sexual gratification! Most men are not good lovers, which can lead to impersonal sexual encounters. Our male escorts are trained to always put your pleasure before their own and wish to do this naturally.

Can I extend the duration of my booking when I am already with an escort?

Yes you can, so long the escort is available to do so. To extend the booking, email us. Please provide your name, the date and time of your booking and the amount of additional time you will require. All adjustments will be reflected in an additional payment receipt billed to same account you used to book the male escort.

Do I have to date a [straight] male escort who is close to my age? Does your service have any age restrictions?

Age is only a number; you are free to select any of our male escorts regardless of the age difference. Mature women often enjoy the company of younger men; so if you would prefer to have a younger Sydney male escort, who we consider is a high class male escort handsome as your companion, please make a date with us! Enquire now.